The 38MW Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant in Lincolnshire, managed by Eco2 Ltd and on behalf of Glennmont Partners, has commenced commercial operation.

The Sleaford plant was built by a consortium of Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S and Burmeister and Wain Energy A/S, and has been built to perform to the highest environmental standard. Construction of the plant started in May 2012.

The plant will generate enough renewable electricity to power 65,000 homes as well as provide free heat to Sleaford’s public swimming pool, the indoor bowling centre, the town’s football club, William Alvey Primary School, and North Kesteven District Council’s office in the town.

The renewable energy plant employs 30 people onsite and is supporting jobs in local agriculture as the straw, that is the plant’s fuel source, is being secured mainly from farms within a 30 mile radius of Sleaford.

Joost Bergsma, Managing Partner of Glennmont, said: Sleaford is a landmark deal not only for Glennmont but for the UK biomass industry as a whole. It’s also a significant milestone for the town.

Glennmont appreciates the efforts and support of everyone involved in the development and construction of the project, not least the teams at Eco2 and the Burmeister & Wain Consortium, as well as the local community