Eco2 has welcomed the pledge made by Philip Hammond to boost levels of green gas in the grid.

The Chancellor made the commitment during his recent Spring Statement which, in contrast to the Autumn Statement back in November, featured a number of announcements on clean growth and the decarbonisation of the UK economy.

One of the most significant of these was the commitment to decarbonise gas supplies by increasing the proportion of green gas in the National Grid. The Government will consult on how this commitment can be delivered later in the year, with the ultimate aim being to reduce dependence on burning natural gas to heat homes.

The announcement has been well-received by the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry, which has said that millions of tonnes of organic waste that would otherwise go to incineration or landfill could be used to deliver this green gas injection. This follows a previous pledge by the Government to roll out universal food waste collections in England, which would send inedible food waste to be converted into green gas through AD.

Eco2 Management Services (Eco2 MS), which provides bespoke commercial and technical asset management services to the renewables sector and is exploring the potential of AD as a major component of the UK’s green future, has also welcomed the move.

Managing Director at Eco2 Darren Williams, who has worked in the renewables sector for over 25 years and leads the Eco2 MS team, said:

“It is promising to see the Government acknowledge the need to increase green gas in the network and we look forward to the consultation on making this deliverable in the coming months.

“What is certain is that, if overseen in the right way, anaerobic digestion could be key to making this a reality. Here at Eco2 MS we stand ready to offer our wealth of expertise managing assets across a range of renewable technologies to the AD industry, so that businesses can play their part in delivering this pledge whilst meeting all of their environmental and corporate social responsibilities.”

If you are a business or fund with an interest in anaerobic digestion, please do get in touch to discuss how Eco2 MS can work with you today.