Planned outages for maintenance and inspection of the asset are among the most complicated and high stake periods for an operational Biomass or Energy from Waste (EfW) plant. Eco2’s Engineering team can manage the intense and critical process of outage management, planning and execution, keeping your plant running at top performance with minimal interruption.

With potentially hundreds of contractors on site at the same time during an outage, planned outages are an enormous project management exercise, with huge compliance and safety requirements. With only hours separating different phases in crucial testing and maintenance activities, these outages need to be planned to the hour.

Delays and problems in this process can cost tens of thousands of pounds for even a day or two of delay, running into millions of pounds in the event of a catastrophic failure or incident. That is why you need an Asset Manager with experience in this extremely niche work.

Eco2’s highly experienced engineering team have managed outages in EfW, thermal biomass and biomass gasification plants. With Eco2 managing your outage, you know your plant is in safe hands.

Our team can manage the time-consuming infrastructure and resource preparation in the weeks and
months leading up to the outage. This includes booking and liaising with contractors, building the
contractor village, planning hour-by-hour inspection and maintenance schedules and liaising with all
concerned stakeholders, all to ensure the outage runs as smoothly as possible.

Dr Andrew Toft

Chief Operations Officer

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Our approach to Outage Management

Eco2’s Engineering team are highly experienced in planning, managing, organising and executing major outages in energy from waste and biomass facilities, and our team members have managed many outages on multi-line sites on varying fuel sources.

The work scope is initially solicited from the client prior to compiling a detailed programme to understand the magnitude of the outage. This may include warranty defect work to be integrated into the plan (if applicable), and may include capital improvements to the asset or an outage scope that simply minimises downtime.

Eco2 effectively manages the development of the plan, including pre-outage contractor meetings, due diligence of suppliers, spares management, site laydown and legislative compliance.