Senior Fuel Manager

The Role

Eco2 Limited seeks a Senior Fuel Manager to lead its fuel management duties at Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant.  The Senior Fuel Manager co-ordinates all of the activities which ensure the safe, cost-effective and reliable supply of straw and wood to the power station.  To be successful in this role, the Senior Fuel Manager must have the ability to think strategically and in the moment; must be an excellent communicator; and must understand commercial procurement.  This is a leadership role; the Senior Fuel Manager must inspire and direct a dedicated team which will plan, procure, store, transport and deliver fuel to Sleaford, so ensuring that a resource which is produced seasonally can be available all year round, at the right quality and at the right price.


  • Ensure continuity of fuel supply to the Sleaford project by implementing strong strategic planning, clear and decisive management in the moment, backed by a programme of review and continuous improvement.
  • Work with the HSE Officer (based at Sleaford) to implement HSEQ requirements across all fuel supply activities.
  • Work with the Fuel Managers (based at Sleaford) to ensure there is sufficient fuel contracted for the power station, good communication with the supply base and a sound suite of contracts through which fuel can be procured.
  • Work with the Transport Officer (based at Sleaford) to ensure fuel is called off from suppliers and storage sites as necessary.
  • Work with the Strategic Storage Site Manager (based at Sleaford) to ensure stocks are maintained at desired levels with good quality control and reclaimed as required.
  • Work with the Administrator (based at Sleaford) to ensure accurate and detailed records of contracts, inventory and deliveries.
  • Work with the Finance Team (based in Cardiff) to ensure fuel suppliers, hauliers and other service providers are correctly paid.
  • Work with the site General Manager (based at Sleaford; not an Eco2 role) so that fuel deliveries are aligned with site requirements and constraints.
  • Work with the Owner (a London-based, renewable energy fund) to implement and report on Eco2’s management commitments.


The Senior Fuel Manager must:

  • have leadership experience;
  • have a confident and outgoing personality;
  • have good networking skills;
  • have attention to detail;
  • understand commercial contracting principles;

The following would be helpful:

  • experience within the agricultural sector;
  • competency in the MS Office Suite, in particular MS Excel;


To apply for this opportunity, please send your CV to