Eco2 specialises in initiating, developing, financing and operating renewable energy projects throughout the UK and Europe.
Eco2 was set up in November 2002 and has already enjoyed considerable success with projects in a wide range of technologies from Onshore Wind, to Landfill Gas and Biomass. We are also involved with the research and development of other up-and-coming technologies, such as Tidal power.

Eco2 is committed to developing a broad based renewable energy business. Biomass plays a major role in our renewable energy portfolio, however we are also keen to use our environmentally sensitive, risk managed development expertise to build on our success in both current and emerging technologies.

Our approach recognises the need to balance commercial issues with the environmental benefits deriving from Renewable Energy projects, and we understand that this needs to be demonstrated at both strategic and local levels. We work closely with all key stakeholders, including local authorities, local community groups, planners, environmental groups and government departments, from a very early stage, to aid a successful project conversion.