Eco2 Limited is the project development business of the Eco2 group.  It has a team of development professionals that have been at the core of the successful deployment of the portfolio projects.

Eco2’s approach recognises the need to deliver a portfolio of commercial contracts and consents necessary to deliver a successful investment and understands that this needs to be demonstrated at both strategic and local levels.  Eco2 works closely with all key stakeholders, including local authorities, local community groups, planners, environmental groups and government departments, from a very early stage, to aid successful project conversion.

Included within the skillset of the development teams are: –

  • Negotiation with landowners for suitable sites;
  • Land surveys and assessments;
  • Production and management of planning and permit applications;
  • Technology selection;
  • Financial model production;
  • EPC contract tendering and negotiation;
  • Creating, negotiation and establishing bankable fuel supply arrangements;
  • Managing project due diligence;
  • Negotiation and implementation of the full funding package.
  • Provision of equity and debt project services of construction and operational management.

We specialise in initiating, developing, financing and operating renewable energy projects. From biomass to wind energy, we are responsible for producing enough renewable energy to power tens of thousands of homes, and we want you to get involved.