Fuel Procurement Strategy and Management

Eco2 MS is a market leader in the management of fuel procurement for biomass.  Eco2 MS has developed its own bespoke software which tracks the flow of the fuel from field to the plant and allows it to trace the sustainability and ensure that the plant complies with the relevant legislation

Eco2 MS currently has 800,000 tonnes of straw and 600,000 tonnes of woodchip under its management.  The dedicated team oversee all aspects of fuel procurement for three straw-fired renewable energy plants.

Eco2 MS is responsible for the strategic planning of the fuel supply over the year, ensuring that all fuel is recorded on the inventory and managing variables to keep control of costs.  Regular reporting to the Plant Owner and an open dialogue between the Plant Manager and Eco2 MS ensures that the fuel supply meets demand at all times.

As part of pre operational services, Eco2 MS can devise a fuel procurement strategy to ensure a stable fuel supply across the lifetime of a project.  From project inception, Eco2 MS can create a bespoke strategy for the project by analysing the local market and determining the main risk factors likely to affect prices and security for the project.

As part of the operational services, Eco2 MS would prepare a  detailed Annual Plan ensuring that there is a clear understanding of the strategy between all parties and sets out the anticipated supply and how shut downs and Bank Holidays will be managed.

Eco2 MS has teams based at strategic locations across the country and has excellent links into the straw industry in the East of England and the wood industry across various locations.  With links into key supply organisations, it is perfectly placed to establish and manage a fuel resource into assets and ensure security of supply

Scope of services offered include:-

  • Pre-operational services
    • Feasibility Assessment
    • Fuel procurement strategy
    • Long term contracting of fuel
  • Operational services
    • Contract Management
    • Annual Fuel Plan
    • Ofgem reporting
    • Spot Market monitoring
    • Haulage