Operational and Technical Management

Eco2 MS can provide a range of management support services on and off site during operation.

The asset operation services include:-

  • Client Representative on all operations and management
  • Performance analysis including daily SCADA monitoring
  • Warranty claims or investigations;
  • Interfaces between the O&M contractor and other counterparties or suppliers to the asset.
  • Site works co-ordination
  • Health, Safety & Environmental management
  • Commercial and contracts management including Ofgem and REMIT reporting

 We value the importance of health and safety throughout our organisation and have processes in place to ensure the highest level of safety for our staff, contractors and the public. Maintenance on the asset is performed to the highest industry standards with the aim of minimising downtime and therefore maximising output. We consider environmental concerns in all of our decisions in order to minimise the effects our activities may have on the environment.


The Eco2 Finance Team are experts in the energy sector and provide an extensive range of services covering financial and corporate management which can be tailored to your requirements

The scope of services offered include: –

  • financial and management accounting;
  • business planning;
  • updating client/bank financial forecasting models;
  • statutory and management reporting including UK GAAP and IFRS;
  • VAT processing;
  • calculation and distribution of monies to investors;
  • cash management reviews;
  • accounts payable and receivable, and
  • external audit liaison.

The Finance Team currently manages operations on several biomass and wind projects, ensuring statutory obligations are met at all times. We provide monthly reporting of the profitability and cash flows for each asset, including detailed revenue and costs, with variances to budget and forecast highlighted and explained.

We work closely with our internal teams including Construction Management and Fuel Management throughout the process of each project. We also have extensive experience of project finance work and provide financial reporting to lenders and investors to meet the needs of their financing arrangements.