Projects: 7 Capacity: 500MWe + Experience: Over the past fifteen years, Eco2 has developed extensive experience in developing, building and managing biomass plants primarily across the UK and Europe, accumulating an international development portfolio worth £1.7 billion. Currently, four projects from our portfolio are operational, two projects are in the…

Heat Projects

Eco2 is actively developing projects to supply renewable heat in the UK and Europe. In the UK, Eco2 is focussing on the utilisation of biomass and water sourced heat pumps to supply low cost renewable heat to buildings and industrial users. The UK has been incredibly successful in the deployment…

Landfill Gas

Landfill Gas Projects: 4 Capacity: 10MW Experience: Eco2 has a strong track record in Landfill Gas having won every project it applied for. Each project has been delivered on time and within budget.


Projects: 4 Capacity: 70MW + Experience: Eco2 has developed four wind farms in the UK and have subsequently sold each project. Eco2 now oversee the running and maintenance of four projects.