Brigg Renewable Energy Plant

The Brigg Renewable Energy Plant is a 40MW straw-fired power station located on an existing brownfield site near the town of Brigg, North Lincolnshire. It uses proven efficient technology specifically designed for the clean combustion of straw.

As the sole developer of the Brigg Renewable Energy Plant, Eco2 was responsible for finding the land and developing the site, including negotiating a large range of agreements, from securing planning consent in October 2011 to agreeing the necessary land rights for the cabling and other connections.

Eco2 self funded the development stage of the project prior to it being sold at the start of construction to Burmeister and Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S (BWSC) and PensionDanmark under a joint venture.

The project became operational in early 2016 and created 80 new jobs in the area in addition to 200 during construction, along with many other economic and environmental benefits. In total, more than £20 milling was invested in the community during construction and a further £12 million is spent in the local area every year in the procurement of fuel for the plant.

Key facts:

40MW renewable energy in base load operation
118,260 tonnes CO2 saved per year
95,564 homes supplied
30 jobs in operation; 50 in fuel supply