Heat Projects

Eco2 is actively developing projects to supply renewable heat in the UK and Europe. In the UK, Eco2 is focussing on the utilisation of biomass and water sourced heat pumps to supply low cost renewable heat to buildings and industrial users. The UK has been incredibly successful in the deployment of renewable electricity generation capacity over the past fifteen years but the heat sector has not yet been tackled to the same extent. Both the UK government and the devolved governments are now seeking to address this at both a domestic and commercial/industrial scale.


Eco2 is developing a number of heat only projects which are between 25MWth and 90MWth and will burn either wood pellets or clean wood. The projects will be eligible for the subsidy under the SDE+ auction and will provide clean heat to large scale industrial companies who are required by the government to phase out their consumption of low scale gas.

District Heating

As well as generating electricity, the surplus heat generated by the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant is harnessed and used by the Sleaford District Heating system to heat Sleaford’s public swimming pool, Sleaford Bowling Centre, Sleaford Town Football, William Alvey Primary School, and North Kesteven District Council’s office in the town. This heat is provided by the Plant free of charge for twenty-five years – saving £2million in energy costs as a collective over that period.