Mains of Hatton

In partnership with Muirden Energy, Eco2 developed the Mains of Hatton Wind Farm Project located near Auchterless in Aberdeenshire.  Together with Muirden Energy, Eco2 successfully gained planning permission as well as procuring Grid Connection, Balance of Plant Contracts and Turbine Supply and Operations and Maintenance Agreements with Enercon. The project consists of three Enercon E48 wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of 2.1 MW.

Eco2 managed the funding of the project, which involved the raising of equity through an EIS fund and non-recourse debt through the Cooperative Bank.  The Wind Farm was commissioned in 2012.  From take-over to December 2016, Eco2 managed the operation of the Wind Farm firstly on behalf of the EIS Fund and until more recently for Wind Energy Renewables LLP.