Mark Shepherd

Head of Development, Australia

Mark has over 36 years of experience, including 23 years in infrastructure investment and financing, and a further 13 years of prior experience in project/construction management, operational-general management, engineering and management consulting. Mark’s experience and capabilities include:

  • Project finance lending to and risk assessment of major social, water, power, transport and resources projects in Australia and internationally including: rail projects; water supply projects, and major resources projects (and the major infrastructure embedded within those projects such as roads, pipelines, power stations, water supply and water/waste treatment plants)
  • Complex contractual arrangements including public private partnerships (PPP), build-own- operate contracts and property development agreements, in both the public and private sectors
  • Advising private project sponsors, financiers and government agencies in relation to infrastructure planning, financing and development including: economic and financial appraisal; preparation of business cases; financial modelling; risk quantification and pricing; procurement; and arranging/negotiating debt/equity financing
  • Infrastructure investment planning, financing and development applying high level financial, commercial and technical expertise, including in senior management positions across both the public and private sectors.

Mark has wide experience with public private partnerships (PPP) and equivalent arrangements spanning all phases of economic infrastructure, social infrastructure and real estate. This experience has included project financial and economic appraisals, business case preparation, financial modelling and assessment, preparation of Public Sector Comparators, securing project funding commitments, management of PPP and other procurement processes, bid evaluation, negotiation of commercial and financial documentation and administration of PPP and other contracts.