Making Renewables Work

Eco2 are the UK’s leading renewable
energy asset manager, with over
20 years’ experience in developing
and managing renewable assets.

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Making Renewables Work for owners and investors

We manage renewable assets across
the UK for the UK’s biggest investment
funds, and our network means we can
deliver the savings to small operators
too. Big or small, your asset
will perform better with Eco2.

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Making Renewables Work for our planet

We are working toward a world run
entirely on renewable energy.
Eco2 have developed over 290 MW of
installed capacity in wind, solar and
biomass, saving over 750,000 tonnes
of CO2 a year.

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ECO2 Industry Leaders

Our managed assets perform better than the industry standard

Our expertise and relationships with suppliers and energy buyers means we can deliver savings, efficiencies and better deals for the large portfolios and single assets alike. From procurement to negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), your asset can perform better with Eco2.

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Our Expertise

Asset Management Services

Effective asset management can help you get the maximum performance from your renewable energy assets. Eco2 provides all the asset management services you need to get the most out of your investment.

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Eco2 have been developing high quality renewable energy projects for nearly 20 years, including biomass, wind, solar and energy from waste. We pride ourselves in delivering projects that might seem too hard to do.

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Our Experience

Eco2 has over 10 years’ experience in the management of wind, solar and bioenergy assets. Our team has unrivalled breadth and depth of experience in the development and management of renewable assets across a range of renewable technologies.

Anaerobic Digestion

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Latest News

  • Green Gas Support Scheme open for applications

    Eco2 sponsored and attended the ADBA National Conference last week, which involved some fascinating conversations with fellow participants in the UK bioenergy industry. One of the key themes that really caught our interest was the role of biogas over the next decade in meeting our vital Net Zero targets, with the Conference including a keynote […]

  • UK pledges to reduce methane emissions by 30 percent by 2030

    The curtain has been drawn on COP26, so we can now look back on the achievements and the missed opportunities to weigh up this crucial event’s overall success. It has become apparent from industry and stakeholder reactions that, whilst COP26 made some important political progress, there is significant opportunity for industry and private investment to […]

  • More renewables will help build the UK’s energy resilience

    Amid the soaring gas prices, the bankrupting of small energy companies, and the growing awareness of the need to rapidly decarbonise our energy sector, the energy regulator, Ofgem’s chief executive, Jonathan Brearly, has said that the way it regulates the energy market needs to change, to build an energy market that is more resilient in […]

“The Community Benefit Fund gives support to a range of community projects. Many of these would find it hard to come by alternative grants at a difficult time for public finances.”

Cllr Glynog Davies, Chairman, Mynydd y Betws Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

“Greencoat works with Eco2 across two of its bioenergy assets, where they provide management services encompassing the technical, commercial and financial management of the assets. Their management oversight has contributed considerably to the safe and efficient operation of the assets and to ensuring a stable financial return to Greencoat’s investors.”

Hugh Unwin, Co – Head, Bioenergy Division at Greencoat Capital

“Our partnership with Eco2 has resulted in the development of some very successful renewable energy projects across several technologies. We look forward to our continued working relationship.”

Andrew Lee of Good Energies Investments