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Technical asset management from Eco2 can increase the load factor and availability of your asset, improving returns and controlling costs.

Attention to the technical performance of a plant and opportunities to improve is a constant necessity for all renewable assets. Without proper technical management, performance of assets will degrade over time, increasing long-term costs and eating away at your revenue. Projects that stand still are actually going backwards.

Eco2’s technical asset management can help increase the load factor and availability of your asset, improving returns and better controlling costs. Whether it is capital projects for improving performance or economics, systems for effective fuel quality control on fuelled assets, or root cause analysis of equipment failures, our extensive technical experience means we can improve the performance of both new projects and mature operational assets.

Our extensive experience of project development means we understand the possible unforeseen consequences and benefits of making changes. We also understand how different contracts fit together and how interfaces between stakeholders come into play when making changes. Technical changes often have consenting, permitting and commercial consequences that may not be apparent.

Eco2’s technical teams have been providing support to power stations and generators throughout the UK since 2011 for clients including Glennmont Partners and Greencoat Capital. The assets we manage include the Sleaford, Margam and Templeborough biomass plants and wind farms across the four nations of the UK.

Dr Andrew Toft

Chief Operations Officer

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Case study

Dummuies Wind Farm

Dummuies was the first wind farm developed by Eco2, and has been operating since 2007. Located near Huntly in North Aberdeenshire, it has an installed capacity of 12.25 MW comprising of seven Vestas V66 machines.

Eco2 successfully managed the operation of Dummuies Wind Farm on behalf of its owner, IKEA, for ten years. Eco2 provided comprehensive operational management and reporting services for the project and the availability and performance was consistently above set KPIs. Eco2 were audited annually on its operational performance by IKEA and were ranked as one of their top asset managers, year on year.