Eco2 is the leading buyer of biomass in the UK market, managing the procurement of over 1.4 million tonnes of straw and wood biomass per annum for our clients’ power plants.

We have an unsurpassed understanding of the biomass fuel market and unrivalled experience of developing workable and resilient fuel strategies to ensure the reliable delivery of high-quality fuels to biomass and AD plants around the country.

Eco2 offers complete end-to-end management of the fuel supply chain. Our service includes developing bespoke procurement strategies based on the forecast fuel demands and specifications of our clients, negotiating supply contracts, managing logistics and inventory and managing the supplier payment processes.

Additionally, Eco2 manages several strategic storage sites for straw biomass, to help manage fluctuations in the straw market and take advantage of periods of low prices. This allows Eco2 to manage disruptions to the supply chain to protect our clients’ fuel supply from external market shocks.

Eco2 has developed its own software package to enable these processes to be run as efficiently as possible and to fit each client’s particular process and reporting requirements.  Through regular reporting, we give our clients peace of mind that the fuel they need will arrive in the right quantities, at the right time and to the required specification.

Dr Andrew Toft

Chief Operations Officer

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1.4m tonnes

Biomass fuel procurement managed by Eco2 annually

Case study

Templeborough Biomass Power Plant

Templeborough Biomass Power Plant is a 41 MW waste wood-fired plant near Rotherham. It was the first biomass plant on which Eco2 was appointed as MSA provider without having previously been involved in the project development.

The power station entered commercial operations in 2018. In 2019 it was purchased by Greencoat Capital, with Eco2 acting as technical and commercial advisors. Greencoat Capital have awarded Eco2 the MSA to manage the site operations and the fuel supply.

Eco2's responsibilities at Templeborough include the management of complex fuel procurement strategies, which have contributed considerably to the efficient operation of the asset, and to ensuring a stable financial return to the owners.

“Greencoat works with Eco2 across two of its bioenergy assets, where they provide management services encompassing the technical, commercial and financial management of the assets. Their management oversight has contributed considerably to the safe and efficient operation of the assets and to ensuring a stable financial return to Greencoat’s investors.”

Hugh Unwin, Co – Head, Bioenergy Division at Greencoat Capital