Asset Management

With over 15 years’ experience in renewable energy asset management, Eco2 delivers the best possible performance for our clients’ investments.

Getting the maximum financial and operational performance from renewable energy investments requires effective and efficient management to keep assets operating at their optimum levels, while retaining a high asset value. However, carrying the necessary expertise to manage renewable energy assets in-house is not always cost-efficient.

Eco2 is one of the few asset management businesses with multi-technology, real-world experience of both developing projects and managing them to their maximum level of performance through their long operational phase. With over 15 years’ experience in asset management, our expertise means that Eco2 can be your one-stop-shop to help get the most out of your renewable energy asset.

Read more about Eco2’s range of Asset Management Services below:

  • Operational

    We provide technical supervision of all onsite activities, strategic planning to ensure minimal downtime and cost - efficient operations and offsite activities.

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  • Construction Management

    Our team handles everything from the structuring of commercial arrangements during the funding process, through to the project management of construction.

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  • Engineering

    Our Engineering team can help you manage your asset throughout its lifetime to maximise reliability, availability and return on investment.

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  • Technologies

    Our team have experience of the development, construction and operational management of an unrivalled range of renewable technologies.

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“Greencoat works with Eco2 across two of its bioenergy assets, where they provide management services encompassing the technical, commercial and financial management of the assets. Their management oversight has contributed considerably to the safe and efficient operation of the assets and to ensuring a stable financial return to Greencoat’s investors.”

Hugh Unwin, Co – Head, Bioenergy Division at Greencoat Capital

“Our partnership with Eco2 has resulted in the development of some very successful renewable energy projects across several technologies. We look forward to our continued working relationship.”

Andrew Lee of Good Energies Investments