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  • Palisade Real Assets Acquires Eco2 Management Services

    25 July 2022 Sydney, Australia – Palisade Real Assets has announced the acquisition of Eco2 Management Services Limited (“EMSL”), a UK-based renewable energy asset management and development company. The acquisition accelerates Palisade Real Assets’ energy transition investment ambitions in the United Kingdom and Europe and will underpin a dedicated Bioenergy Platform focused on anaerobic digestion […]

  • The opportunities and challenges of the Energy Security Strategy

    The UK Government’s Energy Security Strategy was published this month following much anticipation and speculation about its contents. Intended to assist the UK in responding to the energy crisis and reduce reliance on foreign imports, the Government predicts the implementation of the Strategy will result in 95% of our electricity being low-carbon by 2030. Any […]

  • The energy crisis is not a reason to rethink Net Zero

    The prospect of 54% hikes in energy bills from this April stunned many outside of our industry. While soaring gas prices have been rattling around news headlines since autumn, the reality is only fully dawning now that the prices are hitting all consumers’ pockets. Ofgem has a difficult balance to strike with the new price […]

  • Eco2 and Greencoat Capital sign management contract for world-first low-carbon greenhouses

    Renewable energy asset managers Eco2 have signed a contract to manage two giant low-carbon greenhouses, the first of their kind in the world, on behalf of one of the UK’s largest clean energy funds, Greencoat Capital. The two enormous greenhouses, located near Norwich and Bury St Edmunds, together cover more than 29 hectares and are […]

  • New Year means new opportunities

    Traditionally, if the first visitor to your home after midnight on New Year came bearing a lump of coal, it was thought to herald a prosperous year. But this year, with fossil fuel use hitting its lowest ever level in the UK for a few hours shortly before the new year, and renewable energy investment […]

  • Green Gas Support Scheme open for applications

    Eco2 sponsored and attended the ADBA National Conference last week, which involved some fascinating conversations with fellow participants in the UK bioenergy industry. One of the key themes that really caught our interest was the role of biogas over the next decade in meeting our vital Net Zero targets, with the Conference including a keynote […]