Green Gas Support Scheme open for applications

Eco2 sponsored and attended the ADBA National Conference last week, which involved some fascinating conversations with fellow participants in the UK bioenergy industry. One of the key themes that really caught our interest was the role of biogas over the next decade in meeting our vital Net Zero targets, with the Conference including a keynote by Lord Callanan.

The GGSS, which recently opened to applications, will play an important part in encouraging the development of biogas installations. The scheme offers far more flexibility to new AD plants in where they sell their gas when compared to the RHI, and so should be an attractive incentive to many developers.

The GGSS, funded by the Green Gas Levy, will be placed on all licensed gas suppliers unless they can evidence that they provide at least 95% biomethane using certificates from a recognised scheme, such as the Green Gas Certification Scheme, thereby providing even greater incentives to make a green transition.

As we move to decarbonise the country across multiple sectors, including the national gas grid, any encouragement to supply more biomethane is a welcome development. In turn, this will also provide significant opportunities for the development of AD as a source of sustainable biomethane.

There are a range of complicated rules to navigate when applying to the GGCS and this is where Eco2 can help.

As an experienced asset manager, we know how to navigate the complicated regulatory landscape to ensure that your asset complies with the latest policies and guidance. Additionally, as a developer-for-hire, we can make sure your asset hits the ground running and is set up within the regulations from the outset. If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch.