Eco2 has been developing and managing renewable energy assets for nearly 20 years.


Eco2 began as a renewable energy developer, primarily focussing on wind. It later used this experience to pivot into biomass development, becoming the leading biomass developer in the UK.

Eco2 has now expanded into providing asset management services, leveraging its networks and experience as a developer to improve and maximise performance of energy assets across a wide range of technologies. Expansion of the asset management business is now Eco2’s core focus.

Alongside our growing asset management business, Eco2 is still developing wind, biomass, waste and anaerobic digestion projects both in the UK and internationally with a number of partners. We now also offer a ‘developer for hire’ service to developers and investors that need experienced development resources to help projects secure their funding.

The company is still privately owned with many of the original shareholders still in place. It has grown to over sixty people, based at offices and operational assets across the UK and with representatives in Spain, Canada and Australia.