Operational Asset

Eco2 are committed to Making Renewables Work by getting the best possible performance out of every renewable energy asset.

We provide the full range of commercial, fuel, technical and regulatory services for renewable power generation assets, meaning we can provide an efficient, cost-effective one-stop-shop for management of your renewable investments, whether it is a large portfolio or a single asset.

Because we work on all stages of a project’s lifecycle and a wide range of renewable technologies, we understand all the issues that can arise during a project’s operational phase.

Our services can be tailored to your precise needs. Whether you need help with finance, regulatory compliance, technical management or fuel procurement strategies, our teams offer a tailored, fully integrated array of asset management services.

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    Negotiating Power Purchase Agreements, dealing with OFGEM, health and safety requirements, O&M contractors, or compiling financial and performance reports can be a lot of work for an owner-operator without help of an experienced Asset Manager.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have all this taken care of, so you can focus on the rest of your business?

    Find out how in Eco2’s new Integrated Management Services brochure for 2021

  • Financial Management
  • Fuel Procurement
  • Technical Asset Management
  • Regulatory Management

    Key Contact

    Dr Andrew Toft

    Chief Operations Officer

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    Andrew is currently focused on delivering asset management services for those plants that are operating across the portfolio. Andrew directs a team of project engineers, fuel managers, transport managers and administrators that ensure reliable and cost-effective supply.