Our experienced team has developed six biomass projects across the UK, from concept stage, to securing the full funding and commencement of construction. Our development portfolio equates to a total electrical output of 217MW and a total investment raised of £915M.

These projects utilise a variety of sustainable fuels that are indigenous to the UK, from waste wood to straw and dedicated energy crops. Our Sleaford project also supplies free excess heat to the local community, heating a public swimming pool, bowling alley, football club, primary school and council offices.

In developing these projects the EMSL team used its in house expertise to manage areas such as:

  • Site finding and procurement;
  • Planning and Environmental Permit applications;
  • Procurement of the EPC and O&M arrangements;
  • Development and implementation of fuel strategy;
  • Securing the financing partners; and
  • Managing the financial closure process including due diligence, debt and equity negotiations and legal contract suite.



Biomass installed capacity developed by Eco2


Total investment raised for biomass projects

The EMSL team has supported Eco2 Limited in the development of six biomass projects in the UK, totalling 217MW:

  • Brigg Renewable Energy Plant
  • Margam Green Energy
  • Port Clarence Energy
  • Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant
  • Snetterton Renewable Energy Plant
  • Western Wood Renewable Energy Plant

Dr Andrew Toft

Chief Operations Officer

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Case study

Brigg Renewable Energy Plant

The Brigg Renewable Energy Plant is a 40 MW straw-fired power station located in North Lincolnshire. It uses proven efficient technology specifically designed for the clean combustion of straw.

As the sole developer of the Brigg Renewable Energy Plant, Eco2 was responsible for finding the land and developing the site, including negotiating a large range of agreements, from securing planning consent in October 2011 to agreeing the necessary land rights for the cabling and other connections.

Eco2 self-funded the development stage of the project prior to it being sold at the start of construction to BWSC and PensionDanmark under a joint venture.

The project became operational in early 2016 and is now owned by Octopus Renewables.