Job Description

Purchasing Manager

Location: Sleaford, Lincolnshire

Contract: Permanent, Full-Time

Summary of Role

The Purchasing Manager is responsible for developing fuel buying strategies; managing the sourcing and purchasing of fuel; maintaining positive relationships with suppliers; coordinating with the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant team regarding fuel supply needs; and overseeing the Fuel Management Team in their daily activities.

The role requires the planning of timely fuel supplies according to: power station requirements (volume and quality); storage capacity (on and off site); and stock holding/rotation requirements.

The Purchasing Manager is responsible for purchasing fuel against specifications and measuring supplier performance against this and other KPIs, with frequent review meetings.  They are also responsible for producing high quality written reports for the client on the current and projected contracted fuel position and presenting this information in meetings.

The Purchasing Manager leads a small team of Fuel Managers.  They will negotiate supply contracts that balance each side’s commercial interests and manage contracts from inception through to their expiry.  The Purchasing Manager will maintain a suite of proforma contracts and systems that enable efficient management of these functions.


  • Develop procurement strategies that are inventive and cost effective.
  • Ensure that a continuous fuel supply to the power station is maintained.
  • Source and engage reliable fuel suppliers.
  • Negotiate with suppliers to secure advantageous terms.
  • Build and maintain long-term relationships with suppliers.
  • Oversee and manage the Fuel Tracker system.
  • Control the fuel budget.

Contract Management

  • Perform risk assessments on potential contracts and agreements.
  • Work with solicitors to create standard fuel contracts which protect the Client’s interests.
  • Review existing contracts with suppliers to ensure on-going feasibility.
  • Monitor contract execution to ensure compliance.


  • Through discussion with the Client and other stakeholders, develop an Annual Fuel Plan and gain agreement.
  • Ensure alignment between the Annual Fuel Plan and contracted fuel position.
  • Disseminate plan to stakeholders.
  • Monitor and revise plan as necessary.
  • Maintain a long term overview to capitalise on improvement opportunities.

Health and Safety Management

  • Ensure compliance with Eco2 Management Services Ltd Health and Safety Policy.

Managing Staff / Teamwork

  • Promote a culture of openness and transparency within the Sleaford team.
  • Train, supervise and manage the Fuel Supply Team.
  • Work closely with other members of the Sleaford team to ensure an excellent service for the Client.


  • Prepare weekly and monthly reports on the contracted position and plan and present this information to the Client in a clear, succinct fashion.
  • Prepare and present the Annual Fuel Plan and gain buy in.
  • Prepare and present the Annual Harvest Record.


  • Commercial experience managing and administering contracts.
  • H&S Managing Safely.
  • Should have a confident and outgoing approach.
  • Should be a self-starter and have excellent time management skills.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of stakeholder interest.
  • Take a proactive and problem solving approach to challenges.
  • Take a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards the role.
  • Take a caring and supportive attitude towards colleagues and foster a positive and collaborative working environment.
  • Show a willingness to carry out additional tasks outside of normal responsibilities.
  • Review personal working methods and be keen to expand skills.

Applications should be received by Friday 13th May 2022.

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