Job Description

Technical Administrator, Eco2 Management Services Limited

Location: Bore Hill Farm, Warminster, Wiltshire

Contract: Permanent, Full-Time


Bore Hill Farm Biodigester is a state-of-the-art renewable energy facility which recycles organic wastes and residues to produce renewable energy and biofertiliser. It is a pioneering business in a niche industry with a national and international profile. We turn organic matter into resources for a low carbon economy.

Malaby Biogas (MBL) owns the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester.  Eco2 Management Services Ltd (EMSL) operates and maintains the facility.

EMSL is looking to recruit a highly efficient and enthusiastic person who wants to make a big difference, promote excellence and support a whole site team effort focussed on growth and efficiencySupporting  site managers and operators and connecting them to an offsite administration team, you will be at the heart of the operational, administrative and compliance functions of the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester. You will work alongside the site staff to provide operational and administrative support based in the site control office. You will be undertaking office-based operational procedures, supporting compliance systems, reporting structures and daily activities. Your role will also include specified operational duties including helping to run the main office, weighbridge systems and the front desk. You will report to the Deputy Operations Manager and the off-site administration team.

You will be a key member of a small and busy site team so you will need to be efficient, confident, clear in communications and able to undertake administrative and control tasks under instruction from the site team. Good office administration skills will be required. You will need to be competent in Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint and be willing to learn site specific systems. Your role will be interesting and multi-faceted and you will need to be adaptable and able to multi task working as a collaborative team member. You will to continually explore areas of improvement. There are significant opportunities for growth, learning and promotion within the wider EMSL business.

You will want to make a difference and take on responsibility.

It is a full-time, permanent role with occasional (1 in 5) weekend cover duty by remote control as well as site attendance (once trained). You will be required to engage in career development learning and training which might require occasional travelling to off-site locations.

This is a unique opportunity to become a critical part of a growing industry representing a dynamic and ambitious organisation.

Job Description

The Technical Administrator will be required to undertake the following:

  • Orientation – Become conversant with the design and operation of the biodigester and the roles of staff and key contractors. This will include understanding how the plant is built and operated.
  • Training – There will be a period of operational and administrative training to get hands on experience of how things work. Learning site operational controls & engaging in remote monitoring will build the depth of knowledge to undertake day to day work tasks as well as build competence for growth and promotion. Training and occasional assistance work will include practical hands on work, learning systems and processes and supervised tuition. This is intense and can be confusing for a number of weeks but you will have close support from the site team to learn the details and gain important knowledge to help make the role your own. We will guide you and assist you to learn at your own pace to build confidence and a unique set of skills.
  • Team Work – While predominantly office-based with office administrative tasks and computer-based operational activities (weighbridge & systems control screens and records) we want someone who is able to get stuck in to help out when needed and provide an extra pair of hands to undertake routine site inspections and data recording. Participation in the weekend duty rota (1 in 5) will be necessary once trained and you will earn a weekend attendance bonus. This will require occasional public holiday working.
  • Ops Software – Operate weighbridge management software and ticketing system.
  • Data – Understand & operate data acquisition and analysis for operational systems (Excel & database training).
  • Systems – Support and operate an integrated Operational Management System to include Standard Operating Procedures, Risk Assessments, health and safety and regulatory compliance, ISO 9001 & 14001, Staff Training & HR management under the supervision and guidance of the Deputy Operations Manager.
  • Accounts Support – Provide administrative support to operate records preparation for  the remote accounting and compliance team – AR, AP, Purchasing, Payroll, Management Accounts.
  • Office Administration – Undertaking general business administration issues such as record keeping, filing and recording of information for the remote administration team: insurance, business rates, records and filing, procurement of supplies and equipment inventories, employment & HR etc.
  • Operational Administration – Operational administration data entry, analysis and reporting and/or support site  staff for specific tasks.
  • Systems Development – Assist in the development and deployment of management reporting systems for site managers (including KPIs, milestones, targets and performance records). Assist in the development of an operational maintenance system. Assist in the development of a visitor management system to include contractors, deliveries guided tours, regulators and compliance visitors etc – Visitor logs, procedures and H&S compliance. Help develop processes and systems to effectively build and maintain a high profile online presence for the company (including development of web site, newsletters, social media, direct online marketing etc). Your assistance will be directed and supervised by the Deputy Operations Manager and the remote administration and support teams and you will be the practical site link between operational managers and remote teams.
  • Management Support – Providing administrative support to the Operations Manager and Deputy Operations Manager. Prepare for and participate in management meetings.
  • Front Facing – Provide an interface with all stakeholders in the operation of the biogas plant and act as the first point of contact in site operations. You will develop skills to interact with a wide range of people who attend site and are instrumental (as are you) in the operation, growth and development of the facility. These include Directors and wider group officers and employees, design and construction teams (architects, engineers, consultants, technology providers etc), technology providers, contractors (specialists, maintenance, etc), regulators (LPA, EA, State Vets, EHO), interested third parties (neighbours, schools, local bodies, trade associations, councillors) and the general public.
  • Operational Options – Undertake site operational processes & controls when needed. Engage in remote monitoring. Participate in weekend duty rota system (1 weekend in 5: remote monitoring + 2 – 4 hours on site + emergency call out). Weekend bonus applies.

You will be a dynamic, self-motivated and ambitious person, keen to learn, able to interact with colleagues, willing to help build new initiatives, drive efficiencies and increase feedback to motivate staff, inform managers and enable decision making and growth.


The Technical Administrator will have, or be willing to acquire, the following skills:

  • Excellent organisational and administrative skills sufficient to help develop systems and help manage a team of people to implement those systems.
  • Excellent communication skill (verbal, written and electronic) to enable others to fully and clearly understand what is required of them and help lead the development of improved systems. You should be polite and respectful as well as authoritative and clear in your decision making and outreach.
  • Excellent working knowledge of all forms of documentary production such as report writing, assessments, developing promotional material, logging and data entry, letter writing and emails. A willingness to actively develop skills in managing social media outlets is also important as this new channel of communication develops.
  • Good ability to support others in manage negotiations and conflict resolution.
  • Practical skills such as manual handling, safe standards of work, cleanliness of working environment and good standards of health and hygiene will be required; often to achieve certified standards for the work required.
  • Prompt and efficient time keeping.
  • Good personal presentation skills to act in an appropriate manner for the working environment, the audience and the leadership supportive position you will hold. You are representing a highly professional and well-respected team in a new industry and you are expected to act accordingly.

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Closing date for applications is Friday 16th September 2022