Job Description

Technical Services Director – Biogas

Location: Flexible, site attendance throughout UK

Hours: Full time salaried, 40 hours per week

The Business

Palisade Real Assets (“PRA”) is a mid-market infrastructure manager focusing on real asset investments that are adjacent to traditional core infrastructure sectors.  PRA considers investments on a global basis and is currently focused on decarbonisation as a thematic.

The PRA platform is built around a high-quality team of industry and infrastructure veterans that bring a unique mix of backgrounds and experiences, including a significant operational capability.  Eco2 Management Services Limited (or “EMSL”) is the imbedded PRA operational team.

The flagship investment platform for PRA is BioticNRG Ltd (“BioticNRG”), a bioenergy platform focused on UK anaerobic digestion assets and adjacent infrastructure.  EMSL provides asset management services to renewable energy infrastructure assets, including BioticNRG.  EMSL is based in Cardiff but manages sites throughout the UK.

BioticNRG owns Malaby Biogas Ltd, owner of the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester AD facility in Wiltshire.  This is the seed asset in BioticNRG and EMSL manages, operates and maintains that facility.

PRA and EMSL offer a diverse and inclusive working environment.


EMSL is looking for a dynamic and knowledgeable person to provide technical and strategic expertise with a focus on biogas and anaerobic digestion.

The Technical Services Director, Biogas position will champion EMSL’s technical support of BioticNRG.  The role will provide assessment and reporting input at all stages of development, acquisition, onboarding and operations.  The role will support the BioticNRG’s pipeline development and acquisition efforts, including engaging with plant operators and managers to understand pipeline businesses.

Where projects go ahead, this person will champion the projects on behalf of BioticNRG, ensuring that operations, maintenance and management systems put in place by EMSL align with the particular technical requirements of each new BioticNRG asset.  The Technical Services Director will push the rest of the EMSL operations team to ensure that EMSL’s obligations to each project are met, acting on behalf of the investors in BioticNRG.

The role requires hands-on experience and a thorough working knowledge of AD and biogas systems.  Strong senior management experience to work closely with the leadership teams at PRA, EMSL and investment groups will also be required.




  • Detailed knowledge of biogas & AD systems (process flows, feedstock, digestate & energy management, contract and commercial management, decision making, cost and process control, staffing and oversight)
  • Understanding of regulatory & political environments for the industry
  • Awareness of renewables mix with waste, agricultural and energy contexts
  • Conversant in process engineering (& other supporting engineering – electrical, mechanical)
  • Supervisory management
  • Data analysis & presentational reporting (MS Office suite applications)
  • Project development coordination
  • Identify, set and monitor KPIs for the business, sites and staff
  • Must be eligible to work in the UK to be considered for this


  • Senior Management (board or sub-board)
  • Industry & general qualifications
  • WAMITAB & other relevant qualifications


  • Ambition to lead in growing the business
  • Outward and proactive attitude
  • Senior leadership experience
  • Team player and promoter/motivator
  • Good training, team building and staff engagement skills
  • Upward promotional engagement (projects to board, investor relations, corporate representation)
  • Downward engagement (leadership of site teams, direction/coordination of external parties)
  • Good organisation skills & self-direction
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, electronic, written)
  • Good negotiation and commercial awareness
  • Ability to deputise and support
  • Ability to multi-task and work under time and performance pressures – good work stream management
  • Willingness to travel (including overnight stays)
  • Ability to attend early am & late pm (PRAUK works closely with senior management based in Australia)


  • Active participation with trade bodies
  • Industry networking connections
  • Ability to bring pipeline opportunities to the business

The closing date for this position has now passed.