Darren Williams

Managing Director

Darren is a graduate electrical engineer with experience in the renewables sector since 1993.

He started off in SWALEC’s Generation Business in 1993 and later played a key senior management role in developing Energy Power Resources’ (EPRL) portfolio where he was responsible for the development and funding of biomass and small scale hydro projects and oversaw the development of the Ely straw fired biomass plant in Cambridgeshire.

Darren has wide experience and understanding of project risk management and frontline commercial negotiations in the sector.

Darren joined Eco2 in November 2002 as one of the founding directors. Since this time he has been responsible for the successful development and construction of the Dummuie windfarm, Eco2’s landfill gas portfolio and the development and implementation of the Western Bioenergy wood fired biomass plant. In 2007 he lead the sale of the Betws Windfarm in Carmarthenshire to ESBI and in 2011 he played a lead role in successfully raising a total of £170 million to fund the Sleaford straw fired biomass plant.

Darren is responsible for managing the development team at Eco2, including overseeing the development of Eco2’s biomass development activities.