UK is sixth in the world for wind and solar

As we draw nearer to COP26, there are encouraging signs that the UK is starting to meet the pace of change needed to reach net zero by 2050.

Recent analysis by Ember shows that the UK is now sixth in the world for wind and solar energy production. While nearly a third of the UK’s energy now comes from wind and solar, other advanced European economies including Denmark, Ireland, Germany and Spain show that far more is possible.

There is still huge potential for growth over the next decade, both in generation and in the storage infrastructure needed to make the transition possible. Eco2 are always looking to put our development expertise to work, such as our Welsh wind development and Canadian biomass development activities.

With ever greater competition in the renewable energy sector, owners of existing assets also need to ensure they are keeping up with the rapid advances in the industry. As an experienced developer and asset manager, Eco2 can help you get more from your existing wind, solar, biomass or AD asset, be it through adding battery storage, a mid-life update, or re-energising a project at the end of its life.

If you have a new project in the pipeline, or an old project in need of optimisation, get in touch.